New range from British jewellery brand Chrysalis

New range from British jewellery brand Chrysalis

At Peccadillos, we’ve stocked the British jewellery brand ‘Chrysalis’ for several years now. We love this range because their bracelets feature striking colours and wonderful charms inspired by cultures across the world!

But what makes Chrysalis so special?

chrysalis dreamcatcher

Behind the making of Chrysalis

At the young age of 19, Chrysalis co-founder Andrea set off to travel and explore the world. Wherever she went, she found the same warmth and hospitality shown by complete strangers.

Andrea spent most of her time watching artisans making filigree jewellery and this is where Andrea’s passion for jewellery came to life. With her journey coming to an end, she spent all the money she had left to buy all the pieces she loved watching being crafted so she could sell them back in London in Portobello Market.

Andrea then met David, her now husband. Throughout their travels, they collected their most precious memories, embracing the energy and happiness surrounding them.
In 2007 the Chrysalis concept was born; to create beautiful jewellery that means something special to the wearer.


Designing the Collections

Around four new collections are designed and launched each year by Andrea and her creative team.
Based in Somerset in the UK, Andrea is involved in the design process from initial idea to the finished collection.

Inspiration is found everywhere, from trips around the world, to Andrea’s 8-year-old daughter, who inspired Wishes, the first Chrysalis children’s collection.

chrsalis tree of money bangle

We’re excited to announce their new bracelets have just arrived with us at Peccadillos!

Celebrate the joy found in love and friendship. These ranges are designed for sharing memories of those special moments in life; each piece is adorned with talismans and spiritual symbols, combining colour and meaning.

The newest pieces include a Chrysalis Lucky Ganesh Expandable Silver Bangle, the beautiful Money Tree and not forgetting the stunningly designed Dream Catcher bangle!

Honor, patience and wisdom can be drawn from the Lucky Ganesh bangle. From £25, stack your bracelets up together or keep it sweet and simple with just the one!

At Peccadillos, we’re able to gift wrap or provide the perfect packaging for all your purchased items, whether they’re as a gift, or just a lovely treat for yourself..

Stop by our shop in Stafford and see all of our favourite Chrysalis products, with many more to come.

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